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A simple, easy to use oral appliance, designed to help you sleep better by moving your jaw forward and opening your airway. No electricity, and easy to travel with, our oral appliance treats sleep apnea without the bulky CPAP machine.

"Sound Sleep is very professional and knowledgeable about sleep apnea and mandibular devices. I am a repeat client which shows how much I believe in them. I would recommend them to everyone and I have to my family & friends. Wearing CPAP was impossible for me and I’m eternally grateful for the Sound Sleep device!" - Maria L

"Revolutionized the way I sleep. If you snore or use a CPAP machine you must -MUST- check them out and get tested because I went from snoring all night to not snoring whatsoever. And it's like having a bite guard in your mouth. Amazing!" - Clint F.