Meditation Could Help with Insomnia

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Meditation Could Help with Insomnia

Dr. Dan Jensen

Following the completion of his undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University, Dr. Dan Jensen trekked to the University of Nebraska, where he received his dental degree in 1996. After he received his degree, he worked with his dad (Dr. Bruce Jensen) for five years until he moved to Alaska, where he practiced dentistry for six years. Utah family life soon called his name again and Dr. Jensen moved back to Utah where he opened up his own practice in Kaysville, UT.
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In the present day and age, issues like stress, insomnia, and other mental issues are unfortunately not uncommon. It is estimated that about one fourth of the American population suffers from insomnia, and other issues causing trouble falling and staying asleep. With this being such a common problem, it is important that normalization about discussing it and possible solutions occurs as well.


The cause of insomnia can vary significantly from case to case, as different individuals may have various issues in their lives causing the lack of sleep. Insomnia itself can also be hard to diagnose, for the simple fact that everyone is unique. Everyone needs different amounts of sleep to function properly, and everyone emits different symptoms when they lack the proper amounts of rest. Likewise, the causes range greatly as well. For some, the problem of insomnia can be genetic, and simply hereditary, meaning it is an issue that is prevalent in their family and lineage. And for others, the cause can be something else entirely.

Many common causes of insomnia are mental, including depression, stress, and anxiety. Additionally, post-traumatic stress, and simply being in a noisy environment that does not inhibit sleep can be an underlying cause as well. Unhealthy habits, like sleeping too much during the day, and consumption of foods that simply are not good for the ingesting party can contribute to sleeping issues as well. It should also be noted that if an individual is on different types of medication, it is normal that issues sleeping can be as a result of the effects of the medicine on the body.


Solutions for insomnia, similar to the causes, range far, and depending on the individual, there are some that may be more effective than others. Things like being sure not to eat or drink before bed, not spending too much time in bed when not trying to sleep, and getting on a routine to go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day can do wonders in regards to the issue. The reason why these solutions work is because it helps the body get familiar with a certain time and place being designated for sleep and sleep only.

Additionally, cutting out things like unnecessary naps during the day, and energy drinks like coffee can help as well. If insomnia persists, seeking other forms of help, including types of medication and other products, may be adequate. Exploring forms of help from an outside resource, like a sleep specialist is also a very good idea for anyone who has more grave sleeping problems, that seem to persist regardless of implementation of the former solutions to insomnia, as mentioned above.


While some may be hesitant to practice meditation because of presuppositions they have regarding it, it has been proven that meditation is a great, and cheap way to combat insomnia. One of the reasons why this practice is such a good idea, is because it is not only free, but completely natural. There are many health benefits to meditation including lowering of stress, and anxiety, and reducing blood pressure. This practice also helps promote emotional health, and self-awareness, giving individuals a time to sit with themselves, and have moments of reflection and introspection. Some research also suggests that meditation could help combat other diseases, ranging from depression and asthma, all the way to cancer.

Meditation may be hard for some to start, but with a bit of practice, it can easily be implemented into one’s daily routine. Simply heading somewhere comfortable to relax, while closing the eyes and focusing on one’s own breathing are a great way to begin. Additionally, there are many resources online to assist in the process of getting into and comfortable with meditation on a regular basis.

Overall, the issue of insomnia is one that is completely normal. Any individual struggling with going to sleep, staying asleep, or being well rested should feel no shame in seeking help, whether it be from online resources, meditation, or seeking assistance from a licensed professional when it comes to serious sleeping problems. Sleep is something that everyone needs, and everyone deserves, and making efforts to ensure that the proper amounts of sleep are obtained is very important.