Can A Good Night’s Sleep Ease Hypertension?

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Dr. Dan Jensen

Sleep plays a very important role in our lives. Getting a good night’s sleep helps you wake up ready to face a new day. Sleep can give you a new perspective on a problem and boost your creativity. Sleep affects every cell in the body. Sleep restores our energy, helps us consolidate memories, reduces stress, regulates digestion, and boosts our immune system. Sleep also affects your heart and blood pressure.

What is Hypertension?

Hypertension is also called high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force of your blood when it flows through your arteries throughout the body. You can have high blood pressure when the force of the blood is too high. This is a sign that your heart is working hard to pump blood through your body. Hypertension increases your risk of a heart attack, a stroke, or heart failure.

Poor Sleep and Hypertension

Sleep is closely linked to hypertension. Even one night of poor sleep can raise your blood pressure. Sleeping less than 7 hours for a number of nights in a row can increase your blood pressure and your risk of developing hypertension. Poor sleep quality affects your blood pressure and your heart more than you realize.

If you have sleep apnea, you have an even higher risk of developing hypertension. This is because you consistently sleep poorly, and this leads to a rise in blood pressure. Sleep apnea can further increase blood pressure by restricting the flow of oxygen during sleep.

Treating Hypertension

Thankfully, there are ways you can lower your high blood pressure and treat hypertension. Start by looking at your lifestyle. Eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise can lower your blood pressure. If you have a family history of high blood pressure, have regular checkups with your doctor. Hypertension can be hereditary, but finding out you have hypertension when you’re young is the best way to prevent major problems later in life.

How Sleep Can Reduce High Blood Pressure

Sleeping poorly can increase your blood pressure, but getting a great night’s rest can reduce your blood pressure. Making a few changes to your sleeping habits can reduce hypertension and lower your risk of heart disease. Here are a few tips for getting a better night’s sleep every night:

  • Get the right mattress. Your mattress can make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep. Have you been waking up with aches and pains in the morning? You should replace your mattress every 7 to 8 years to sleep comfortably through the night. When you select your new mattress, make sure it matches your sleeping style.
  • Develop good sleep habits. To get a good night’s sleep, make sure you have good sleep habits. Avoid eating a large meal just before going to bed, and don’t drink caffeinated drinks in the evening. It’s a good idea to spend some time relaxing before bed and avoid any stressful tasks right before crawling under the covers.
  • Put away your phone: The blue light from your phone, computer, and TV is sending signals to your brain that it’s daytime. To help your brain relax before bed, turn off your screens and put away your phone at least an hour before you plan to go to be. Do some stretches, take a bath, or read a book to relax before bed.
  • Sleep at the same time. Another tip to get better sleep is to keep a consistent sleep routine. Going to sleep at the same time every night and getting up at the same time every morning will help you work with your natural sleeping and waking cycle to get the best sleep.
  • Get up if you can’t sleep: Are you awake for several hours in the night? If you can’t sleep, get out of bed and go do a relaxing activity in another room. You want to associate your bed with sleep and relaxation, not with stressful thoughts.

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